Safety, Efficiency and Economy

  • Safety is our first priority in all attitudes.
  • Being only negotiable, when it is meant to be improved.
  • One day invested in safety, is adding a day to someone's life.
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HUB, your airline.
Modern, digital, young!

✈ HUB VISION: Simplify to motivate international flight travel
✈ HUB MISSION: Safety, Efficiency and Economy 

✈ HUB intends to learn and grow more sustainable and the safest, most efficient and most economical LHLC - Long-Haul Low-Cost airline ever created, simply with passion.

✈ Our goal is to become the choice airline for long-haul scheduled flights for leisure and business passengers, low-cost model with passion.

✈ Two classes of services: Business and Economy.

✈ HUB is it. It is as simple as HUB.

HUB - Hearts Under Bliss

Our Company Message = Safety, Efficiency and Economy

  • Light Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.

  • Light Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body.

  • It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect...

  • HUB Airlines, your "out of the blue" choice!

  • Well, here we are, (we just appeared..) like a great news.

  • We are not the best, nor the biggest, we are just made of aviation people who understands and care for other people, animals and nature.
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HUB Long-Haul Low-Cost @ Low-Fare airline (LHLC@LF)
Yes, it is possible and profitable, so we made it.
Not knowing that it was impossible, we went there and made it.

✈ Yes, we love flying you on Long-Haul Low-Cost @ Low-Fare!
✈ HUB is your "Out of The Blue" choice.
✈ Commitment to WE, not ME.

HUB LHLC style

✈ …I flew all night…to get back to you…!

✈ Everyone loves traveling for business or vacation.
Everyone also loves returning home...

✈ Just think how good it is to feel the touch and presence of a new place or meet people, or your loved ones, family, friends, pets, nature...your garden, bed or couch.

✈ HUB allows it by flying you all night…just to make you or someone to get back to you…!

✈ Take our hand, we will make it, we swear !

HUB is your "Out of The Blue" choice.

✈ Should something happen out of the blue, it is completely unexpected, but HUB preparation study and liaison with over 200 stakeholders as per today, has initiated in June 2017.

✈ HUB also is learning lessons to become stronger towards our launch, a completely expected airline, with solid preparation, new born towards Safety, Efficiency and Economy.

HUB Commitment to WE, not ME.

✈ We were born to be game changers, during the most challenging times of modern economy, worldwide.

✈ Welcome if YOU are looking for Leaderships with COMMITMENT to manage respectfully cultural difference's resources, towards solutions, with a passion.

HUB Sustainability in Corporate Governance

HUB's Team - Sustainability

✈ We are made of people who mind sustainability plans to reduce carbon footprints (Yes, we expect future Airbus electric and hydrogen airplanes too and meanwhile available suppliers with cost-effective SAF - Sustainable Aviation Fuel, so we can refuel with 100% of it immediately), natural resources waste, and animal suffering, believing to have achieved the most environmental-friendly ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance business model, regarding actions and latest technology available nowadays.
We believe to mitigate more into the future and decided to strive for it.

✈ Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental and social, known informally as profits, planet, and people.

HUB's Clientele - Sustainability

✈ We strived to study the new era of Excellence on Clients, people who take seriously and choose exclusively more sustainable profile companies.

✈ We found that consumer preferences are strongly impacted by sustainability and these clients are amazingly growing, impacting the world based on their choice.

HUB's Suppliers - Sustainability

✈ We choose to deal with sustainable suppliers managed by teams of good ESG practices towards their products and services. 

Be sustainable.

✈Act, Live and have a Passion about it as HUB and our suppliers do.

First airline committed to a 

  • HUB Airlines is the first airline to have conscience into an ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance concept from its roots.
  • Our HUBTeam has studied and decided to operate exclusively in all flights, only a 100% Plant-Based menu developed by Chef Ungaretti for both Business and Economy classes, bringing more sustainability into our operations.
  • Simplicity and less food waste, with core in health and well-being during flight maximizing comfort and even mitigating Jet Lag upon arrival.Our Company Message = Safety, Efficiency and Economy.
  • We are not the best, nor the biggest, we are just made of aviation people who understands and care for other people, animals and nature.
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HUB? yes, simply HUB!

HUB's Team - our most important asset 

✈ Our Team is capable and has a passion for international travel and is made of local people who live for the aviation business.

✈ HUB aims easy-to-deal-with staff and motivated international travelers:
A- People who never traveled. HUB provides access to travel.
B- People who travel once a year. HUB provides access to travel twice, point A to point B.

HUB's Hubs - worldwide

✈ HUB Airlines Ltd, incorporated in UK acts as an airline and holding in 4 independent airlines:



✈ HUB SOUTH AMERICA - our start-up Headquartered at SBKP - VCP - Campinas - Brazil.


HUBird our Fleet - A350 

✈ HUB studied with two manufacturers over one year and sent a Welcome Letter to Airbus, on Oct 7th 2020, informing our decision to operate exclusively with the A350 XWB - eXtra widebody, a safe, long-range and modern jet airliner, our "HUBirds".
HUB agrees with Airbus's statement about the A350:

"The smart choice for any airline.
It’s no surprise that this brilliantly-designed aircraft is one of the most versatile in the sky." 


Founder Captain Rudolf Brockhausen

HUB's Founder and Team expertise

✈ HUB is led by our Founder and current CEO, Captain Rudolf Brockhausen, born in 1976, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, who is an active and experienced international Airline Transport Pilot.

✈ As entrepreneur & investor, active in the simulator training industry since 1999, he has been leading projects with suppliers, start-up & major airlines, developing network in segments such as banking investment.

✈ HUB Executive Team’s personnel consists of Bacharel, Masters & Doctoral degrees in a variety of expertises beyond Flight Operations, Maintenance, Accounting, Economy, Engineering and Tax Law, sharing multiculture for clientele.

✈ Welcome aboard.

HUB Principles: Safety, Efficiency and Economy

Our Team's #1 priority

HUB developed a Team, by everybody involved in your travel to communicate clearly, since the marketing of sales of our services, for our and your own safety, a guaranteed commitment by adhering to a policy of zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behavior.

HUB is a NON-SMOKE+NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK airline environment.This is non-negotiable and we are proud of our approach and cooperation.

We are efficient!

We demand efficiency from our suppliers, Team and you, and for this we must be simple in our systems and routine.

To be the "cherry in the cake", we simplify processes, allow our passengers and clients for cargo to have full control of your choices via our HUBApp. 

Now you found the cherry and the cake, time for a cup of tea?

Time is lifetime, yours too.

HUB is designed to be economic.

We save your time and money, so you can go to your favorite fancy restaurant and spa before embarking with HUB, or upon reaching your destination!

HUB flies you from B.

HUB's 4 hubs 4 you

HUB Efficiency

✈ HUB has an Efficient Cost Leadership Strategy implemented from its start-up phase towards LHLC operation from its inception.
We were born LHLC ready!

✈ HUB aims to link continents with wide-body aircraft for passengers and belly cargo.

✈ LHLC - Long-Haul Low-Cost: yes it is possible & profitable, so we made it!

HUB Clockwise

✈ We developed a wise Clockwise structure to implement 4 hubs worldwide and utilize Air Service Agreements within our group to link passengers and cargo with simplicity.

HUB Counter

✈ We developed a wise Counterclockwise structure to implement 4 hubs worldwide and utilize Air Service Agreements within our group to link passengers and cargo with simplicity.

HUB Airlines Ltd

United Kingdom

Nature of business (SIC)
51101 – Scheduled passenger air transport
51102 – Non-scheduled passenger air transport
51210 – Freight air transport 

Welcome to HUB!


✈ Non-Bribery, Anti-Corruption and Embargoes actions will be applied and will not be tolerated by any parties contacting, and should it be arisen during the relationship with any agents, employees or third party, it must be reported by the party knowing it at first to the other party herein, by each other’s representatives. 

✈ The visitor of this website agrees that HUB has no third party representatives for employment and any offer for employment or investments shall arise by the sole contact to HUB via this Welcome to HUB! contact form and will be answered by HUB authorized personnel only with identified full name and authorized email from

✈ This website is Non-Binding as a final offer to join as an Investor, Employee or Supplier of HUB, as the selection of offers or personnel is based on each of our prospective profile requirements and will be held by HUB directly to each interested party.

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